3D origami Christmas tree with their hands tutorial instruction

Video description

This video is a detailed and step by step assembly of a Christmas tree 3D origami. This tree, which you can do with your hands, will be a great Christmas decoration that will make the holiday special. Also, a Christmas tree can do as a gift to their loved ones. For example, do it for your parents or grandparents. They really like it))

Also on our Christmas tree, and single side we show needed a little white and light green modules. And it's very good, if a little green paper or it is over.

We will need: 616 whites and 68 light green triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

We make two rows to 6 White pieces each

Make 5 such blanks

Make such design: green, 2 white, white, 2 white, white

It will take 63 such blanks wide our Christmas tree

of the six blanks make the top tier tree

We connect three workpiece making the two series: 2 pieces, 1 piece

these triple billets, twigs to do 19 pcs.

We connect 4 blanks

lengthen the twigs workpiece do 2 rows: 2 and 1 piece

do 5 such models

And join them

lengthen the twigs workpiece do 4 rows: 2 and 1 piece, 2 and 1 piece

do 5 such models

join twigs lengthen the twigs workpiece do 6 rows: 2 and 1 piece, 2 and 1 piece, 2 and 1 piece

also do 5 workpieces.

And join them

You will need usual bamboo (Chinese) skewer 20 cm and a piece of foam plastic

insert the skewer and dress tiers Christmas trees

Making the top of the Christmas tree 6 light green and 6-white pieces

We put on

Christmas tree with his own hands ready!

In your if you choose continue to do tree under the scheme of any size, up to a meter height :)

Clung to tree , all items must be colorless glue adhesive.

You can also decorate a Christmas tree artificial drizzle, paper garlands, Christmas toys and decorations.

And now you know how to make a New Year tree (Christmas tree) with their hands from the modules origami. If you want to - believe this video is a master class for the assembly of such a tree, it is completely the author's work in the art of modular origami.

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